Monday, 6 May 2013

How does ambition impact people?

Ambition is a trait that is usually admired by most people. The biggest ambition is when there is a desire to reach a big goal, or even to fulfil one's life purpose. When someone is very ambitious it affects themselves in a way of being very motivational and self encouraging. It may also affect others if they are not a very ambitious person, or even if they are. Ambition is good, but it can also go wrong if someone is overly ambitious. For example, it can easily reflect on some of their self doubts they could be experiencing where their ambition becomes not a desire to reach a goal, but a desire to please others. In conclusion, ambition is an excellent trait to have, as long as you know the purpose and what is really driving you to reach the goal you are trying to achieve. The biggest impact ambition has is on themselves.


  1. I agree that ambition is a great trait to have. You are right that people need to temper their ambition to ensure that it is used in a positive manner.

  2. I agree with all of your points but feel as though ambition can allow for more negative things to occur than described. For instance if one has ambition to commit a murder then in that case the ambition causes death, therefore creating a negative outcome. It all depends on the individuals goal.