Thursday, 2 May 2013

Should we still teach Shakespeare?

I agree that shakespeare's plays can be boring and hard to understand but I still think it should be taught in high school. Shakespeare's plays force students to analyize more critically which helps them develop skills for future education. Also I think that Shakespeare's plays can relate to someone of any age or generation. A great example is in Romeo and Juliet, Juilet has problems with her over protective father which I'm sure a lot of high school kids can relate to having problems with their parents. Shakespeare's plays also bring up topics like morality, politics, love, anger and death which can be disscussed with any generation by relating to current events. The play may also widen the students vocabulary making their writing more creative and detailed. Even though Shakespeare's plays are difficult to understand they still can be useful. What do you think should shakespeare still be taught in school?

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  1. Sara, thank you for a thoughtful post. I agree that the benefits of learning Shakespeare outweigh the negatives.