Tuesday, 28 May 2013

ISU Novel

I am just about done my ISU novel and I have found it very interesting and it has made me grateful for what I have. Neil Peart, the drummer in the famous Canadian rock band Rush, was living the high life. He was happily married and had a child. His band had just recorded their 16th studio album and finished up their 'Test for Echo' tour. They had just gotten back into the studio to record another album but one night while Neil's daughter was leaving for school things changed. She had been in a car accident and was pronounced dead on impact. Months later Neil's wife, Jackie, had been diagnosed with cancer. Soon after these news, she had passed away. Neil was lost and empty. He had nothing to do, nowhere to go and nothing to look forward to. He decided just to take off, to drive his motorcycle, where? he didn't know. Not knowing if he would be returning home he started to travel west across Canada starting from Quebec and heading over to British Columbia. He found that if he kept his mind busy with this it would keep his mind off what had happened. Soon enough Neil had made it up to Alaska, down along the west coast all the way down to South America and then flies back up through the USA to his home in Quebec. Along his journeys, Neil had started to realize that once again there were things to look forward to in life. That the sun will always shine again. With help from others and the integrity in himself he was able to strive through this bump in the road and continue on with his life. Now Neil is again recording and touring with his band, living life at its finest. This makes me feel grateful for what I have in life and that I should cherish every moment of it because no matter how good things are, they can always turn downhill in a moments notice as demonstrated by Neil's story.

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  1. Branson, great summary of a pivotal moment in Peart's life. It is a great reminder to cherish every moment, as you say. I look forward to your ISU presentation.