Monday, 8 April 2013

Lady MacBeth

I think that Lady MacBeth influenced MacBeth greatly to kill Duncan with her saying that she would kill her own child and called him a coward if he did not kill Duncan. Just as in Romeo and Juliet where the friar influences Romeo and Juliet to get married, I think that Lady MacBeth is influencing MacBeth kind of the same thing saying that he will become the king afterwards if he kills Duncan and that it will be very easily to kill him with Lady MacBeth even planning it all out and setting it up. Just as in Romeo and Juliet the friar plans it all out and makes sure the plan sounds like it will not fail, but all fails and a lot of people die and things go bad. I think this foreshadows that a lot of people will die and things will not go well for MacBeth and Lady MacBeth.

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