Wednesday, 10 April 2013


A majority of students don't enjoy reading Shakespeare in class, but can you really blame them? His plays are lengthy, boring, and irrelevant to modern society for the most part. All of these things make you wonder why we continue to include Shakespeare in the English curriculum, because it seems really pointless. Having said that, I can contradict myself by saying that Shakespeare is actually beneficial to students' learning skills. I believe that because of the early english styled writing, it forces students to think beyond the text and really analyze what's going on in the play. Enjoyable? Not at all. But it trains your brain to think more deeply, and acquire new knowledge from the text. Sometimes we have to endure units in class that we don't enjoy, but we gain knowledge and new skills along the way without even realizing it at times. So in conclusion, Shakespeare is not the most exciting part of high school, but just remember that it can help you in the long run, as you pick up new literature skills and writing styles.

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