Monday, 8 April 2013


                I think that Macbeth is a very nice guy and I believe that he would be able to do the right thing if his wife wasn't pushing him to do the evil such as when Macbeth had second thoughts of killing Duncan. Macbeth came to a realization that he wasn't going to kill Duncan until his wife came in and started demeaning him by calling him a coward, insulting his manliness and saying that she would have murdered her child rather than break such a promise. Therefore I believe that Macbeth wouldn't have killed Duncan if his wife did not persuade him to do so. I also believe that Macbeth is very ambitious but not as ambitious as his wife. For example Macbeth had an ambition to become king, to become king he would kill Duncan just to achieve his ambition of being king. I believe that he is ambitious but needs a little help to achieve his ambitions such as his wife needing to persuade him to kill Duncan (needed help so that he could follow through with his ambitions). I think that Macbeth has a sense of knowing what is right from wrong such as when it finally kicked in Macbeth's conscience that it was morally wrong to kill Duncan therefore he stopped his plans so we knew that he knows right from wrong. When the plan of killing Duncan came about and when he actually murdered Duncan you had a sense that Macbeth wasn't mentally there that he went in and out of reality such as seeing a sword in front of him when it actually wasn't there. It also showed us that Macbeth had evil within himself by having thoughts that were morally wrong(evil). By Macbeth going in and out of evil thoughts you would think that he had some type of illness, by not knowing that his plan was morally wrong and by his thoughts coming back to him when he tried to get rid of them. After Macbeth killed Duncan he went psycho by giving in to his evil ambitions and by killing two innocent men to make sure that no one would find out that he killed Duncan, he pretty much went on a killing rampage.Ultimately, I think that Macbeth is a nice guy deep down, I believe he is partly evil, that he has ambitions and wants to achieve them and that in the end he pretty much went psycho. What do you think of Macbeth?


  1. I agree with your post, Macbeth was not in his right mind when he killed Duncan. Being pressured by his wife, and hullicinating is not an excuse as to why you killed someone but I feel Macbeth wouldnt have killed him if there wasn't these bad influences affecting his choices. I agree Macbeth is loyal man, and even after the murder he was horrified and could not sleep cause of his guilt. If he wasn't a kind guy he wouldnt't have felt that guilt and just let it go like he would after a regular death. And so i also belive Macbeth is a nice guy deep down

  2. Kelly, thank you for such a thorough post about Macbeth and the his nature. Your details to back up your claim are great.