Saturday, 13 April 2013

Thoughts on Macbeth

When we first started reading Macbeth I thought that Macbeth was a kind but confused person that was bad under pressure. I believed this because of how Lady Macbeth seemed to put a lot of pressure on him to commit the murder. I thought that he was not actually evil and that their love was so strong that he would do anything she told him to. Although this still might be true, it is not all that Macbeth is. As we kept reading and found out that now Macbeth wanted to commit two more murders without the influence of Lady Macbeth you realize that he is actually very evil but to everyone else he seems innocent. This works in his favor as it allows him to commit another crime without being a possible criminal in anyone else's eyes.

What are your views on Macbeth?


  1. Meghan, for some reason, I feel pity for Macbeth. His ambition allows him to be influenced by the witches' prophecy and pressured by Lady Macbeth. I feel as though he is in too far over his head and now feels as though he has no other choices to make but commit additional murders.

    While I pity him, I think he should face punishment for his three murders and the contract killing of Banquo.

    1. I also felt bad for Macbeth throughout the play. He was fierce in battle and was promoted to Thane of Cawdor for it, but he was indecisive and meek in making choices for his own life. His wife was able to sway him easily to kill the king and I felt bad that the person he loved most was making him do terrible things. I also felt pity for him when the guilt of murdering Duncan started to make him lose his mind. I also think it was this guilt that made him paranoid about Banquo and was the main reason he wanted to murder again. I also agree that although it wasn't fully his fault for the deaths of the king and Banquo, Macbeth should face punishment and the consequences of his action.