Monday, 8 April 2013

What Do You Think of MacBeth?

From getting to this point in the play I have come to a realization that MacBeth is a very confused man. He is nice, but has issues. He will do anything to achieve his ambitions, as in the most recent case he murdered Duncan in an attempt to live out prophesies and become King. As MacBeth had his plan set to kill Duncan, he had a sudden change of mind to not continue through with it. That was until Lady MacBeth provided a variety of insults towards MacBeth as well as persuading him which in the end, pushed MacBeth to complete his murder. I believe MacBeth is a bit of a coward for caving into listening to his wife because if he hadn't, he would not have killed Duncan. Would you agree?

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  1. I agree that Macbeth is very confused. He is being pulled in all different directions, which makes it hard to make good decisions. This is especially true when he is being pressured by his wife.