Wednesday, 20 March 2013


How does ambition impact people?

In my opinion ambition is what dictates individuals actions. Meaning throughout life individuals have motives behind there behavior that drive them to act the way they do in order to reach their goal(s). The difference between a positive ambition and a negative ambition is drastic and is what shapes us as individuals.


Positive Ambition:
         Reaching your desired goal(s) through hard work and dedication.

Negative Ambition:
         Reaching your desired goal(s) by using others negatively (i.e. cheating, stealing).

How do you think ambition impacts people?


  1. I like the distinction you make between positive ambition and negative ambition. I'm not sure if a person's ambition or lack of it is what shapes people. I think ambition shapes part of a person. I also wonder, does everyone have ambition?

  2. I agree that there are two types of ambitions. In response to Mrs. Le's comment, I feel that everyone does have some type of ambition. Whether reaching a small goal or a large one, there is a drive to achieve it, which proves everyone must have ambition.