Tuesday, 19 March 2013

The Ideal Marriage

I believe the ideal marriage consists of two partners who are in love with each other. Most of the time they live together and are there to help each other through any obstacles they may face, while providing each other the needs and wants in life. To expand my point of facing obstacles, I think every married couple will come across a rough patch or some sort of obstacle through out their marriage. Whether it be a small argument or larger issue, it is normal for that to happen. However, that links to my next point of how they help each other through the situations they encounter. I also believe that each husband and wife share a very strong bond with each other that is an important factor in their marriage. In the ideal marriage the wife is normally seen to be as the one who prepares the meals for the family, takes most care of the child(ren), and stays at home the most out of the two partners. The husband however tends to be the worker of the family such as taking care of repairs where they are needed as well as working regular shifts to make money so he can take care of the family. Do you believe this is true? If not, what is your opinion towards what the ideal marriage is?

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