Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Does Fate Exist?

Yes, I strongly agree upon fate does exist. I also believe on Karma. I say this because last week, i went to my buddy Ian's cottage for a week. I really wanted to go but my mom thinks i wont make it with my own car. so she risked of me taking her car instead since its newer and wont break down. she kept repeating herself to not get caught by the cops and to not do anything stupid. i also promised her to drive as safe as possible. then i reached my destinantion and i texted her 3 days after that i made it without any collisions or accident. then later that day we ran out of munchies and i had to go to the store 15 minutes away. i made it there just fun. as soon as i backed out of the driveway, i hit a pothole on my right tire and the front bumper of  the car cracked and it was just hanging. i was very scared. thats why i think that was fate. i told her that nothing happened with me but as soon as i sent it and she texted me back saying thats good. right after, i crash and ripped open her front bumper. so, that was all fate . i was really mad. Other than that, karma got me too. i told her i wont do anything illegal. but i drank a couple of dranks and that like messed things up and karma got me in the butt. it sucks. so in conclusion, Fate and Karma does exist. No matter how much you try and avoid it. its gona GET CHA .


  1. did she find out about the car?

  2. I believe in karma also because when I see people do rude things they do not have great things done to them, and when others do good things they recieve good things too. Like when my aunt pays for the persons coffee behind her at Tim Horton's and one time she forgot her money and some guy paid for her coffee that was in front of her.

    1. yes. that is a great example Damian. Fate is sometimes nice but sometimes mean :(

  3. Rough go, I agree though, karma can be a big inconvenience.

  4. Yes Hannah. and she did not rage at me as i thought she would. she just told me that things happen... she didnt yell at me either so im really happy. now i just owe her alota money :/

  5. Karma sucks sometimes, but at least you're not the only one that's ever happened to. If you believe in karma just keep trying to good things and good things will happen to you.

  6. Thanks for sharing your experiences with fate and karma. I'm assuming that your drinks were of the non-alcoholic kind, yes? (It's probably best not to discuss illegal activities on a class blog.)

    Why do you suppose it was fate that you hit the pothole? Was it not your choice to drive to the store to get snacks? While you didn't choose to hit the pothole, you did make the choice to leave the cottage for snacks.

    Also, can karma and fate co-exist?