Friday, 1 March 2013

"The Drunken Indian"

Everyone has views, opinions and a right to speech but do people’s views about Native come from ignorance or intentional racism?  A commonly heard stereotype is “the drunken Indian”.  I believe that alcoholism and addiction within the Natives has come from previous generations.  In the past, Natives attended residential schools, lived in geographic isolation, suffered racism and the Indian Act.  To some who endured these, it has caused them to turn to drugs, alcohol or other addictions.  Not to say that there are many with huge dreams and are willing to fight for a different lifestyle, I believe the past is what’s holding some back.  From this, I feel that is unfair for people to judge the Natives.  As much as they are making these choices, I believe their ancestors are the result of the situations they are facing. 

What do you think about the stereotype “the drunken Indian”?


  1. Katie, I agree that residential schools, isolation, etc. have resulted in the problems experienced by some Native Canadians. I don't think the cause of the issues are the ancestors or previous generations. The cause of their suffering today is colonialism and its racist policies.

    1. I think your right when you say their suffering today is caused by racist policies from the government. When Katie said that Natives could have huge dreams but something was holding them back, it's true because throughout history if an aboriginal person tried to better themselves they would lose their status as an "Indian". I think this is a horrible message to send out to young Native children, that if you try to get a degree you will lose your identity and right to be an aboriginal. Although these laws have changed a little they are still very restricting towards Natives and are probably one of the reasons they turn towards drugs and alcohol.