Tuesday, 19 March 2013

An Ideal Marriage

            I think that an ideal marriage has to consist of two people who love each other and are able to spend the rest of their lives together. I think that the two people who get married need to have to be able to spend long periods of time together and are able to stick with each other even after the little arguments they have. They need to be able to communicate, solve problems and be happy together.
What is your opinion about your ideal marriage? 
            I believe in today's society that people take marriage for granted. I believe that in our society people are more accepting of divorce compared to previous years where people were scared to even say that they had divorced parents. I remember in Kindergarten when I was one of the only people who had divorced parents and now today I know many others, so I believe that divorce is growing and that people don't take divorce very seriously. I understand divorcing someone because they cheated or are abusive towards one another. I understand that some people divorce because they argue too much but the thing is why couldn't have they waited to get married in the first place. I take marriage very seriously and believe that if you marry someone you should be with that person forever and maybe to fully know if you are meant for someone is to be with them for years before marrying them. I also think that people shouldn't take divorce for granted. 



  1. Interesting perspectives about marriage and divorce. I agree that it is imperative for ANY relationship to flourish that there be communication, problem solving and happiness.

    I think that it is too black and white to say that people should just wait to get married to ensure that they are right for each other. In some cases, growing the relationship is needed, but there are also true instances of people changing as they get older and the relationship can't evolve.

  2. My opinion on the ideal marriage is that the couple needs to be able to trust each other so at some points they are not together all the time, although your point makes sense as well that they need to be able to get together for a long period of time.