Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Question: How does ambition impact people?

Ambition, by definition, is the desire by personal achievement, which means it is able to motivate someone to accomplish many things.  Ambition alone cannot have a positive or negative impact on someone, but it could cause the action on a negative desire, which would cause a negative impact.

Also, from another perspective, ambition itself could be perceived as evil because it is the desire for personal achievement. This tells me that ambition is an act of self indulgence without the consideration for other people's needs or desires.

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  1. I agree that ambition by itself is not harmful, but that putting the plan to achieve something into action may create a negative impact. This is why it is so important to consider the results of actions before undertaking them.

    While I agree that ambition may be perceived as evil because it is the desire for personal achievement, I think that overall ambition has a positive effect on others, not just the "achiever". For example, a parent's goal to maintain steady employment is an ambition that helps to ensure the well being of his/her child.