Monday, 4 March 2013

Unintentional Degradation of Cultures

          The issue of inappropriate attire seems to effect different cultures.  When one is deciding which costume to wear for a certain occasion their main focus is to find a fun costume or one that fits with the theme.  When picking a costume one should take into consideration if it is appropriate, or if it will offend other cultures.  People may get offended if their culture is being represented in a negative way.  For example in the article about the "Cowboys and Indians" party, the native culture was offended because party goers were wearing low cut costumes, holding alcohol and throwing tomahawks at each other.  This unintentional degradation of the native culture caused the race to feel misunderstood and mistreated. To the party goers it was just a way to enjoy them selves, not to offend others.  This goes to show that although one may think that their costume is fun, they need to double think it to make sure that it will not offend others even if it is appropriate for the occasion.


  1. I agree with your point of view that the party is offending native culture because of the costumes, alcohol and the throwing of tomahawks.I also agree that people are unintentionally wearing offensive costumes but I agree that everyone should start thinking about the costume they wear before they put it on and should think about whether it is offensive to someone's culture.

  2. Meghan, I am glad that you see the issue with cultural costumes and the importance of thinking about choices. You are right that people are most likely not intentionally going out of their way to offend others, but others' feelings need to be considered.