Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Masculine vs Feminine

I believe that a masculine role involves someone to be independent, emotionally stable (men never cry), to be the provider for their family, and protect others. They must be a strong,  smart individual with rights over women. In contrast, I believe the feminine role is dependant on males for food, money, etc. Their roles are to make food, clean, and make the men happy. And finally, they are expected to have and raise children, and to require assistance from males for all their problems.


  1. Ummmm aiden. Men dont cry? not entirely true. some men are very manly but are also emotional. But yes. i agree on those stereotypes though.

    1. Yeah,I don't really agree, their just stereotypes from today's society.

    2. Aiden, I didn't think you would agree. You need to be clearer in your post that you are discussing the stereotypes. You could also then discuss the issues with such stereotypes.