Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Evil is innate.

When thinking about the quote "Evil is innate" I think of some books I have read where the protaganist has had some issues in the past and has to deal with his/her decisions in life and develop their character and either turn out good or evil. I think that evil can be devoloped by the choices in your life, do you guys think the same or no?


  1. yeah i agree. Like some one can be the nicest person on the planet but he can also decide one day to breaking the law of getting drunk at the age of 18 and not 19. but its all about perspectives on the individuals of what is evil or not .

  2. Yeah I agree, I think one's influences will and can play a large role in what they base their decisions on. For example a person may not have any evil within them but if they are around someone who does they are easily able to be influenced in the same way. But again, that is their choice of whether they hang out with the person or not.

  3. Damein, I don't think people are born evil. I think that people's life experiences shape their responses to issues. But, as soon as I typed that, I wonder about people who are sociopaths or psychopaths. Is their condition created by nature or nurture?