Tuesday, 19 March 2013

The Evil Within

The Evil Within          By: Mack Kary
 In the upcoming play we will be reading, Shakespeare's "MacBeth" a topic we are introduced to is if evil is innate (comes from within). After thinking about the statement and hearing the opinions of others i think this statement is accurate, but doesn't stand by itself. External factors like one's personal life may persuade them to be evil, just like it persuades them to be good. In the end it is yourself who makes the choice to do the right thing or the wrong thing but external factors definitely influence the decision. Also, at times the right thing to do in a situation is subjective. An outsider may think that what the decision made by a person is wrong but they didn't know the external factors that helped influence one's decision. This can be true with people's perceptions of good and evil. I'm sure you've heard of someone doing something which could harm themself or others in the short long term but in the long term turns out to be very succesful and a good cause. In the end, the final decision is up to you to be evil or not, but consider that people can be strongly influenced by other factors. 


  1. This is true, most books and movies love to focus on how the protaganist has had a bad past growing up with and became good. For example in the Harry Potter series Harry grew up in a bad enviroment and grew up good, but on the other hand He who must not be named had a bad past and turned evil. This proves that you can decide whether or not you turn out evil regardless of your past, and your decisions in life can shape your personality.

  2. I definitely agree with you that evil is innate but so is good and I also agree that people ultimately choose whether to do the right or wrong thing. I also agree that external factors persuade one to be evil or good because I think that the way you are brought up, the media, peers and your friends all influence your choices and can also persuade whether you choose to be good or evil.

    1. Kelly, I love how you flipped the question to look at the idea that goodness is innate. I wonder if people just assume that goodness in natural because how can a baby be truly evil in nature? Babies are symbols of purity and innocence.

  3. Mack, I agree that evilness doesn't stand by itself. External factors definitely come into play. I believe that people have the ability to make choices, but that some choices are more challenging to make than others. Also, a person's life experiences shape the decision they make.