Thursday, 28 February 2013

Bingo: a sense of hope

In the Rez Sisters Bingo symbolizes many different things. For the people on the reserve Bingo is a symbol of hope; hope that they will win the money as a source of income, hope that if they win the money they can help out the reserve, hope that if they win the money they can by what they want just like Veronique who wanted a new stove. Bingo is also a symbol of  escape to the people on the reserve to get away from their poor life on the reserve and try to earn a source of income and to even have fun for a few hours. If they go to a Bingo off the reserve then they can also experience new cities and have the experience to travel. For example the Sisters got to travel to Toronto to play the biggest Bingo in the world.


  1. Bingo is the bomb!!!!

  2. Kelly, you have explored many of the reasons the sisters are obsessed with Bingo. I especially agree with your point that Bingo is a source of hope. On a reserve that has limited opportunities, Bingo allows the women to dream of bigger and better things.

    1. I also think that Bingo is a big source of hope for the sisters. Through it they escape the hardships and dullness of their everyday lives and experience a little excitement. I agree that the chance of winning the Bingo money (and being able to do thing they can't afford) is what encourages their hope and is one of the reasons they are so obsessed with it, but I also think the sisters love bingo so much because it brings them closer together as a family and a community. Every time they play a game they are able to send their time together away from their lives and enjoy each other's company.