Thursday, 28 February 2013


"Escape" is a signifigant symbol within the Rez Sisters as each of the 7 women have their own dreams of escsaping the reserve or rising above it. Toronto is an example of evidence because that is where the "BIGGEST BINGO IN THE WORLD" is held. Going to Toronto will give the women a chance to escape and possibly escape for good. The bingo also holds the perspective of escaping because winning the bingo will allow them to get away from the reserve or follow their dreams. Escaping isn't just physical, but they also could escape the situtaion and problems on the reserve.

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  1. Rachel, I like how you are looking at escape. Escape isn't a symbol; rather, it is a topic or an idea. BINGO is a symbol that represents the sisters' dreams of escape.

    You are right that some of the women view the BINGO as a way to physically escape the reserve. Others view BINGO as a way of improving their lives on the reserve.