Thursday, 28 February 2013

Native Stereotypes and Truths

This video shows both the stereotypes of natives and what natives are truly like. I noticed that throughout this video most of the negative stereotypes were coming from the media.The media likes to show natives as being the "bad guys". The worst one I found in this video was the advertisement for a hair brush that said "will not save an Indian's scalp from his enemies but it will preserve yours from dandruff, baldness, falling hairs and headaches". I found this quite offensive because they portrayed the natives as violent people which in reality they aren't. I liked the truth part of the video because it showed a more realistic view of natives.They portrayed them to be peaceful people that wanted to fight for their rights. This is the way I think natives should be viewed more often instead of the media just portraying them as the "bad guys".

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  1. Sara, this was an interesting video. I agree that the negative stereotypes are perpetuated by the media. Why do you think that is? What does the media have to gain by using negative stereotypes?