Thursday, 14 February 2013

Native Life in Canada

I believe that the Canadian government has been ignoring the state of the natives for too long and need to do something for them. Also, there needs to be more publicity on the quality of life for the natives, as they do not get all the attention they deserve, and I think most Canadians are unaware of the state they are in. Even after the teenager from up north started a large movement and protested on parliament hill, that was just enough too get her hometown a new school. I feel the natives are in need of less racism and more help from the government of Canada. I hope to learn more about the native's feeling when reading The Rez Sisters.


  1. Replies
    1. Cody, I am assuming that "Mad #seag" is a compliment of Aiden's post. I like how you are supportive. For future posts, I would like you to address the ideas Aiden brings up.

  2. Aiden, you have a clear main idea and outline reasons for it. I agree that most Canadians are unaware of the true state of Native reserves. Do you think most people just don't care to know or do you think there may be some (perhaps unintentional) discrimination?

    I hope that you find reading The Rez Sisters gives you another perspective on the issues facing some Natives on some reserves.