Thursday, 14 February 2013

We Are a Culture, And We Are Over Reacting

          With regards to the "We are a culture, not a costume" article, I feel like it was completely unnecessary. The people who are offended by others wearing costumes, shouldn't have blown it up into a huge scandal. It isn't that big of a deal  what people are wearing. If you are offended by something as simple as that, then you need to lighten up. The whole campaign was a huge over reaction. I feel like people feel the need to complain, so they pick something and twist it until it becomes a big deal. People just need to get over things and leave them be.


  1. Must say I agree with you. They painted the people who were having the party as being racist or prejudiced against First Nations. It says in the article that party-goers were wearing headdresses and throwing tomahawks. Were the protesters saying that First Nations people never wore headdresses, or used a tomahawk?

  2. It's just people trying to justify themselves as good people by supporting something that they think will help them do that.

  3. couldn't have said it better myself

  4. I agree with you that the protesters over reacted. I think that halloween costumes are just harmless fun.

    1. Sara, you have clearly stated your opinion and have given a reason. For future responses, I would like you to build upon your ideas.

  5. Mickey, you have clearly stated your opinion and provided reasons to support it. In the future, concrete examples of would strengthen your argument.

    I'm don't think the goal of the campaign was to create a big scandal; rather, I think the goal was to encourage people to think about their costumes and the possible messages they may send. I truly think that most people don't mean to be offensive when picking out a costume, but personally, I am glad that this campaign was raised. I can make a more informed choice when deciding on a Halloween costume for myself or my babies. Knowing that some people are offended by costumes that are stereo-typically Mexican, Indian, etc., I will not dress in such as a way.