Thursday, 28 February 2013

Racism is everywhere, even in your toys

After reading this article I agree that the Walmart store should have thought about the reaction of others and what the impact on people might be when putting the black barbies price lower than the white, although it was never intended to be racist it still had a big impact on the feelings of other people.. this ties in with the idea of how social media plays a role in challenging stereotypes


  1. Woah, that just shows how messed up our society is . First, colour of peoples skin. Now the colour of peoples toys. Na-Uh . that is not right. it might not be intented for racism but the big picture. it is :S

  2. Hannah, thank you for sharing the article. It is great to bring outside sources in and make connections to the course material.

    As a technical tip, you can use the "link" button (it is in the same row as the commands to change your font, etc.) to make it easier for your readers to get to the article.

    I like how you made the point about the impact of social media. How does this connect to the role of social media in challenging stereotypes?