Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Money Isn't Always The Answer

           These two pictures are both evidence of the lack of health care the Attawapiskat Reserve receive.
The photo on the top is a child severely burned from a stove fire in such small living spaces, these burns are not rare. The bottom photo is a facial rash commonly contracted from the lack of clean water and sanitation. I feel as though the government can do more than just donate money to solve all their problems.  The government could provide health care systems, social services, environmental repairs and education. The natives aren't as educated and employed as we are so throwing money at them, they won't know what to do with it. I feel the reason they haven't seen improvement is because the lack of knowledge. I feel as though they use the money given to them on drugs and alcohol to ease their depression, and therefore it is going towards their wants not their needs. If the natives knew how to use their money to benefit their health and community they could improve their lifestyle bit by bit.


  1. I agree with this post. I as well believe that the government should not just donate millions of dollars to the Attiwapiskat. This relates to my post where the Canadian government was trying to track where the Attiwapiskat were spending the millions of dollars they were giving them. The Attiwapiskat did not keep records therefore it is unknown what the money is being spent on. Uneducated people may not necessarily spend money wisely and in a beneficial way. If the government is going to help in some way, they should provide the Attiwapiskat with goods and/or services that will assist in improving their living conditions and health. If the government was to provide the Attiwapiskat with health care or materials to build new houses, the government knows that it is being used with an intentional purpose and will benefit in the lives of the Attiwapiskat.

  2. i agree, the government should give them more money but have it designated for specific things such as health care and education

  3. Rachel,

    I agree that the government can do more than "donate" money. I agree that there needs to be a greater dedication to education and social services by harnessing the knowledge of trained Native Canadians or by providing training to interested Natives.

    I am having trouble with the term "donate". When the Canadian government provides money for healthcare, education, etc. for you and I, are they donating it to us from the goodness of their hearts or is the money provided because we expect that because of some social contract?

    I think it is also important to remember, as Bonnie pointed out in another post, that Native Canadians aren't stupid. The people running the reserves, in general, are educated individuals. I don't think the problem is solely money; rather, I think that the issues are so complex that money is just a stopgap measure.