Saturday, 16 February 2013

Blogging Prompts

Sometimes the most difficult aspect of writing a blog post is coming up with something to actually write about.  Below are a list of prompts that you may find useful.


1.  Why should people be careful when selecting Halloween costumes or party themes?
2.  How does social media play a role in challenging stereotypes?

The Rez Sisters:

1.  What do you wonder about life on Native reserves?
2.  How should the Canadian government address Native concerns?
3.  Choose a short clip about the experience of Native Canadians and write about your reaction to it.
4.  What stereotypes about Native Canadians do people hold?  How can you challenge these stereotypes?
5.  Select a symbol from the play and discuss its significance.
6.  What character is most similar to you?  Why?
7.  Write a thematic statement for the play.  What evidence do you have to support the statement?


1. What does it mean to be feminine?  What does it mean to be masculine?
2.  Describe the ideal marriage.
3. "Evil is innate".  Discuss the veracity of this statement.
4. How does ambition impact people?
5.  How much free will do people have?  Does fate exist?
6. Should Shakespeare still be taught in high school English classes?
7. Who is responsible for the murder of Duncan?  The weird sisters?  Macbeth?  Lady Macbeth?
8.  What do you think about Macbeth?
9.  What do you think about Lady Macbeth?


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    1. Hi Annie,

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      Mrs. Le