Sunday, 17 February 2013

Life On The Reserve
After watching this trailer of a documentary "Life on the Reserve", I felt very saddened of how First Nations live with broken small houses, no drinking water because the water that comes out of their tap is unsafe, a school that is built by having two portables sewn together with no gym and no job oppourtunities. I feel that we take things for granted even if it is just that we have drinking water that we can get out of our taps. It makes me appreciate and be thankful for what i have. This video makes me wonder what i can do as an individual to help. Maybe i could  take a trip up to this reserve and help fix up homes or give them books and essentials that they would appreciate. Maybe i could even get the school involved to help get the essential things for the First Nations people. Also this makes me want to go to the reserve just to listen to their stories of life on the reserve because i am very interested about the reserve and how they still manage to survive.  I also wonder if by having such a poor life if it impacts the First Nations happiness. I wonder if they even have a happy life or if they are unhappy and wish that they could do anything to get out of the reserve. In the video it also mentioned that the majority of the people on the reserve have alcohol and or drug abuse. I believe that they turn to alcohol or drugs because of the life they live, that they don't have a wonderful life and source of income so they turn to drugs or because they are unhappy that they turn to alcohol.  I also think that the government is doing a poor job by not giving them the essentials that they need to survive like schooling. Many First Nations don't finish school which is key to get a well paid job. I believe that the government should be storngly encouraging kids to stay in school so that they can have a chance to get a real paying job. I also wonder if the first nations people actually get the money that the government says that they are giving to them and i wonder if the money they say that is going to their education is or not. If it is not i feel that the government should keep their promises and give them the education they need and deserve. So to conclude i believe that life on the First Nnations reserve is rough and that many individuals such as myself could help out in this community and also that the government can help out in this situation as well. Also i feel that the Rez Sisters will help show me more about the life on the reserve and if they are happy or not with their living situation.
How do you guys think we could help?
What do you think about First Nations life on the reserve?
What do you think that the government should do to help?

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  1. Kelly, through your writing, it is clear that you are disturbed by the living conditions of many of the First Nations' peoples in Canada. I agree that it is saddening that this happens in Canada. I also agree that when people are hopeless, they turn to alcohol and drugs, and this issue isn't isolated to Native communities.

    I like how you share your wonderings and think about ways you can help out communities.

    For future blog posts, please be sure to use paragraphs, as it will make your posts easier to read.