Thursday, 14 February 2013

Stereotypes of the natives

Native American Stereotypes                          By: Mack Kary         February 14th 2013
During the last couple of centuries, several stereotypes about native americans and first nations have become more and more present in our mainstream culture. Some of the stereotypes are somewhat accurate but the truth has been stretched, while some of these stereotypes are 100% untrue where the rule could apply to any human on the planet. One of the most common stereotypes is that ALL native americans are alcoholics. In this stereotype the truth has been stretched. It is true that native americans are more subsceptible to alcohol due to their bloodline, but that in no way means that every or even most natives are alcoholics. Like the rest of us, native americans have a choice, just certain aspects of SOME natives lives make them choose alcohol just like some of the rest of us. However, some stereotypes are in a way positive. An example of this  is that they are commonly viewed as brave and as warriors and are therefore named after a lot of top sports teams due to their supposed fierceness. Again the truth is stretched here, but I think that it shows good qualities of native american culture. Westerns and documentaries have tended to portray Natives in stereotypical terms: the wise elder, the aggressive drunk, Indian princess, loyal sidekick, obese and impoverished. These images have become known across North America.They have also been known as nature lovers and protectors of the environment. Neither of those are totally true because those opinions are subjective among all people. Natives are commkonly seen as having only one look (skin colour, hair, clothes), when in fact there are so many different looks and tons of tribes that are different.                            HAVE A GOOD DAY!!!!!!

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  1. I have never heard that Natives are more susceptible to alcoholism because of their bloodline. Do you have a source to support this claim? I wonder, also, if alcoholism is a choice? When does drinking alcohol move from being a choice to being an illness? What social conditions make people turn to alcohol?

    You have done a great job of outlining the stereotypes that are used to characterize Natives. You very clearly explain that they are just that--generalizations.