Thursday, 14 February 2013

The Rez Sisters

I am very excited to to start reading this book, is anyone else? Share your thoughts on what you think might happen. Will Pelajia ever go to Toronto? Do you guys think that Pelajia will win the bingo games and ever got off the reserve? What are your thoughts on the personalities of Pelajia, Annie, and Philomena? I hope that they do get the money and all go somewhere and experience the world around them, also maybe it will work out for Annie with that mechanic guy Raymond.


  1. I think peljia is gona sneak out at night and walk to toronto because thats her dream.this book is pretty funny #swag

  2. Damein, I'm glad that you are excited to read this play. I like how you ask questions to get your classmates to respond. For future blog posts, it would be great for you to share your predictions and thoughts and reasons for them.

    PS. Raymond is Annie's daughter's boyfriend!