Thursday, 28 February 2013

Think Before You Speak

      It seems lately, that more and more teens are depressed. A lot of teenagers are going through hard times dealing with social acceptance. Teens always worry about what they wear or what they say or what they do. Everything that they do, they have to worry about what others think of them. Now, some people are able to just brush of people's judgements and negative comments. But others have a struggle everyday with what people are thinking and saying about them. People judge others and don't think about how they are affecting the person.
      I think that people need to step back, and think about what they are doing to another person. If you judge someone or make them feel bad about themselves, you have no idea how they are going to react. Some people are going to just brush it off, others will say something back, but others will go to extremes like depression or self harm because you made them feel like they aren't good enough.
      In relation to the big idea of the course that "considering multiple view points is the only way to truly understand anything"  you need to understand that nobody is going to react the same way to what people negatively say about them. You need to understand what a person is going through before saying something, because if you'll never know how it will affect them.


  1. Ya i agree. but sometimes, people act like there depressed and stuff just for attention . but i agree more towards people getting judged. people shouldnt be judged because your clothes are from wall mart and not from hollister and what ever. so yea. i agree with you Mickey :)

    1. How can you tell if a person is acting depressed just for attention? I wonder if a person who does that has other issues that need to be addressed.

  2. Thats a good point about the attention.I know that some people do that, but basically what i was saying was that you need to realize what a person is going through, because they might actually be unable to deal with what others say.

  3. I totally agree with mickey, and Marjone does raise a good point. But I think this kind of goes along with the saying "Better safe then soory". I think it's better to think that what you are saying is actually going to affect someone rather then think the person can just brush it off. If there is even a chance that what you are going to say is going to offend someone then why even say it?

    Great point Mickey!

  4. I agree 100%. People go through this every day at every school. Every person has, so I think every body can relate to your post. People need to put themselves in others shoes and realize that anything can effect anybody. Awesome point!

  5. Mickey, thank you for a thoughtful post. I like how you connected the big idea to the lives of regular teenagers. In general, everybody, not just teenagers, needs to think before they speak. Unfortunately, judgement and negative comments don't stop after high school.