Thursday, 14 February 2013

Native Reserve Conditions

This blog post is related to the video we watched on native reserve conditions in class the other day. I found an article that looks at this topic in more detail.

When I read this article I found it quite dissapointing that there are communities within in Canada that are living in third world conditions. In most native reserves there isn't safe housing and there is limited clean drinking water. Also most students don't complete highschool making it very hard for them to find jobs in the future. I personally want to know where all the money the government gives to natives goes because conditions within the reserves are getting worse. I think that the government should sit down with natives and teach them how to spend their money more wisely. I think that if the government worked with natives it would help improve the conditons on the reserves a lot.

How do you guys think we could improve the conditions?


  1. I completely agree with you. Canada is supose to be a "peace, order and good government" i learned that in history

  2. There have been instances of Health Canada approving water that private labs condemned. The Harper Government complains that it it too difficult to find professionals willing to go to reserves, and also to find accommodations for them in remote areas every time their water systems have a problem. If this is seriously their concern, why not send the professionals once or twice to teach some residence how to do the job themselves?

  3. Sara, I'm glad you looked for other resources about conditions on Native reserves. You clearly stated your opinion and shared reasons to support it, as well as raised new concerns.

    I am saddened, as well, about the third world conditions that exist in Canada. It seems as though a lot of money is thrown at reserves, in hopes of solving the issues. I think the issues, such as lack of hope, cannot be solved by money alone. I think that money is necessary to provide appropriate infrastructure, but social programs (which require money) are also necessary to improve the conditions facing Native populations.