Tuesday, 11 June 2013

3U with Mrs. Le was a great time for me!

Over this past semester, I have had a great time! I am usually not too hot on English due to the fact that there's never one right answer and it requires alot of in depth thinking, but I had a better time than I expected. From chalk drawings on the blackboard, to viewing cultural eye openers in the Rez Sisters, to winning the Macbeth Meme Challenge 2013, to a (SPOILERS) Dq party, and everything inbetween, I have been looking forward to this class everyday. Thanks for the great semester Mrs. Le, wish you were teaching 4U.


  1. Aiden, I am glad that English was enjoyable for you this semester. One of the biggest complaints students have about English is that there are often multiple right answers. I thoroughly enjoyed teaching your class. I look forward to closely reading the DQ cake.

    1. Oh don't worry, I'm reaserching a good image at the moment.