Tuesday, 11 June 2013

My Experience with ENG 3U1

This semester in English was a good time. For me in the past English has not been a grand ole time, it was a class that I always hated going to, but this semester it was a blast. From rappin' out some beats along to the Rez Sisters to winning Kinder egg surprises and DQ gift cards, it was hella tight. I could say I am going to miss this class but i'm probably not going to as I am not going to miss the work. I'll miss the class itself but not the work. Twas' a jolly time, good luck to all next year and I hope all have a wonderful life ahead.
In the meantime i'm out,
L8er #swag


  1. I'm glad that you found the class "hella tight". It is unfortunate that you didn't enjoy the work. Is that because of the topics and works we discussed? I am interested in knowing what in particular you did not enjoy so that I can improve the experience for future students.

    1. No, it wasn't the topics I've just never been to fond of English class in general.

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  3. Totally agree with you Branson. We had a great group of people in that class, it's going to be a rouh last day. I shall miss you all. But I disagree that you didn't enjoy the work although obviously having a class with no work would be a blast, I actually enjoyed the things we did this year, exceot shakespeare of course.

  4. This class was really awesome! I will also disagree, the work in this class wasn't too bad! I'm not a huge English fan either but I really enjoyed watching the video on the babies, and I also really enjoyed annotating "Mine" by Taylor Swift and having group discussions ( which were partially on the topic in class...)