Thursday, 20 June 2013


Honestly I was dreading English class because last year I did not do very well so I thought that I would never improve at all. As well as I disliked everything that English entailed which is writing essays, reading Shakespeare and using MLA format.  I usually just like to write poetry or write creatively because I want to not because I have to. But although I was dreading the class, it was a complete shock to me that I would actually enjoy coming to English class every day. I really learned a lot this year in English class and this year I have really gained a lot of confidence in myself. I have improved my mark tremendously from last year which also improved my confidence. I thoroughly enjoyed blogging and I loved our class discussions such as culture is not a costume. I thank this year to Mrs. Le because she truly is a tremendous teacher! I loved how we had to write all our essays on Ugcloud because I loved to see all the comments on the side. The comments that Mrs. Le would post on the side really helped me to improve my writing for the next essay or analytical paragraph.  I loved the way that Mrs. Le helped our class at all times and tried to make everything feel more comfortable such as to present to only half of the class. To present to half the class made me feel more comfortable and more confident to present my ISU novel to the class. I am going to truly miss this class and I have truly loved this year in English class.

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