Tuesday, 11 June 2013

My thoughts on ENG 3U

Honestly walking into this English class I was only excited because I had friends in the class. I hated English and thought I was awful at it, but I can honestly say I will be leaving the exam next Friday truly moved by this course. I enjoyed the activities we did and enjoyed all the readings we did (except Shakespeare), and I think that I did a lot of self discovery in this class. Of course a huge reason why the class was so great was because Mrs.Le is the most interesting and understanding teacher I have ever had. I think the only way that the course could be improved would be doing no Shakespeare but that isn't going to happen. To be honest I  understood Shakespeare this year better then any other year, so I do think that the way it was taught was great, it's just that I don't enjoy Shakespeare. Also I believe that the blog was a great idea, and should definitely be used in years to come. The blog was a really cool way to talk to other students and see how everyone else is feeling about current events and also what we were doing in class. All in all I'd like to say thanks Mrs.Le for putting together such a great course, I can truly say I feel I have grown as a person through all the different writing and exploring of other cultures we got to do.  


  1. I'd have to agree 100% with you Teslyn. All of the activities we did were always different which made them fun rather than doing typical book work; like twitter, blogging, etc. I would say for the future instead of taking Shakespeare out of the curriculum, to give us the sparknotes version instead, that would be cool.

  2. Totally agree with ya Tes! I loved the blogs,and the Macbeth twitter accounts. Especially since there weren't any subtweet's or twitter fights on that timeline!! lol

  3. For sure Tes! I was never really good at English< but this year Im so proud of myself because Im doing very well. And I think having a great teacher really contributes to that. I liked how Mrs. Le's teaching style and assignments were so different from the normal. And also how she was so willing to help to make us succeed! I totally agree when you say you feel like a changed person, i feel the exact same!

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    1. aww love you Mrs. Le

  5. I definatley have to agree with you Teslyn. I came into English figuring I would hate it because of how horrible I am at it. But I am coming out of English more confident in myself and my writing. I can really see the progress I have made and its all due to Mrs. Le 's comments! I love the comments she makes because they are so thorough and she comments in a nice manner that got through to me. I found the commwnts very helpful and Mrs. Le has been the first englsih teacher that really got through to me of how to improve my writing! I also agree Teslyn that Mrs. Le is the most understanding and very helpful teacher! I also agree that the blogs were a great idea. I liked reading blogs because it helped me have ideas for upcoming assignments and it also just allowed me to keep up with recent events and stay connected.