Saturday, 15 June 2013

Fate Vs Free Will.

I do not believe in the idea of fate, or of karma. This is probably because i hate the idea that my actions are not my own, that no matter what i do to change something, it will only lead to the end result that was planed. In Macbeth, if the witches had not have told Macbeth anything, think of how drastic the story would have changed. he did not have any ambition to be king until they told him he would be, so then is there fate? if fate did not exist then the witches where just meddling in the affairs of men, to some preferable outcome. Karma does also not exist, ever hear the saying "Nice guys finish last", you would think that being a good person you would be rewarded by karma, but by not taking advantage you could only be hurting yourself. If fate did exist and karma did exist, why is there murders that go unsolved, or criminals that get away with crimes, when karma states that the universe will punish them, it is their own stupidity that gets them caught in the end, not karma. So, i would say that fate does not exist and that all our fates are for us to choose, and not for some divine entity to decide in advance.


  1. I think you have a really interesting post, I’ve never thought about fate and karma this way. I do agree with you, however to a certain point. I agree that our actions will dictate the outcome and that karma is not necessarily true. However in my opinion I think in the end people get what they deserve. Whether it be karma, fate or luck I believe that if you work hard and are a genially good person than in different ways life will be good to you. However if you expect to do well in school without trying, or you bully someone or commit a crime I do believe that at some point these people will get what they deserve.

    Therefore I do agree with your post; however I also believe that life has its ways of giving people what they deserve.

  2. The really freaky thing is, what if fate is true and we just think we all have free will? I prefer the idea of having control over my own destiny.