Sunday, 16 June 2013

Sarah`s Key

Although I have already done my ISU presentation, I would like to take the time to summarize the novel I read, Sarah`s Key, because I think it was an amazing book and a great way to remember those who lost their lives during world war two. This novel is written from two perspectives.

One perspective is from the eyes of a young Jewish girl named Sarah who is taken away in the middle of the night by French police. Before being taken away she locks her little brother in a secretive closet because she thinks he will be safe here. Throughout the novel Sarah struggles to escape the concentration camp in order to save her little brother.

The second perspective is written from the eyes of a journalist named Julie. Julie was born after the round-up and is writing a report on the events that took place in 1942. After coming across Sarah`s story, she becomes determined to learn the truth about what happened to Sarah during this horrific time.

            Without giving away the ending of the novel, the above is a quick summary of my ISU novel. I would recommend this book to everyone in the class as it was a truly amazing novel that I will never forget. May we all remember those who were affected during the holocaust and the Vel` d`Hiv roundup (round up of Jewish families by French police).


  1. I read this novel for my ISU in grade 10.I agree with you that it is an amazing book I really loved how the brought awareness about the holocaust as well.

  2. I also remember reading this book. From what I remember I was shocked that the boy was locked in the cabinet for so long! I also remember crying I felt so bad for all the kids during the halocaust. I remember learning a lot about the holocaust just from readinf the boom and it really did bring awareness to how harsh this event really was.