Monday, 3 June 2013

Connection to Kite Runner

I highly recommend many people to read A Million Little Pieces by James Frey. The book is very interesting and very moving. The memories and the challenges James overcomes within the book is amazing. The pain and guilt he endures is unbelievable and he pushes through each with such strength. He portrays himself in such negative ways within the novel as if he hates himself, it gives you a sense of sorrow for him. 

I can relate this text to The Kite Runner as James is so accustomed to screwing his life up with drugs and relapsing he has built so much guilt for leaving his family and friends and ruining his life. He then finds a quest to redeem himself by staying in rehab and trying his hardest not to give in to drugs and alcohol. This journey is very challenging and life changing for him. Amir, within Kite Runner also feels guilt for allowing Hassan to be raped and not standing up. His guilt has also accumulated until it drives him to find Sohrab and fight Assef in order to redeem himself.  Both these characters experienced guilt to motivate them to find good again.


  1. I agree that everyone should read a million little pieces.. can truly say it is my favorite book. I never thought about how these two books connect but I totally agree with you. Although both of these men are in completely different situation they are still trying to redeem themselves in their lives. I do kid of disagree that James feels he needs to redeem himself because of his guilt i feel he does it for himself, to feel worthy for himself again. Either way both of these men are fighting hard to redeem themselves.

  2. This book seems very interesting. Do you think that you would enjoy the novel even more if you did not know that a majority of it was made up? In my opinion I feel as though it would take away from the novel.