Thursday, 20 June 2013

Kiss of The Fur Queen

For my ISU novel I read the Kiss of the Fur Queen. The novel was about two Cree brothers Jeremiah and Gabriel who share their life before, during and after going to a residential school. The novel expressed how the brothers used music to get through all their hardships. By reading this novel I got to not just learn the history of what a residential school is but I actually got to read about the children’s stories which I found to be way better than articles about residential schools. By reading Gabriel and Jeremiah’s story of going to a residential school I learned how not only the residential schools affected them in a negative way while they were attending the school but it also affected their life after. I believe that residential schools are cruelty to children! Not only do children get sexually abused and torched but they also were ripped away their own culture. The Cree brothers were forced to not speak Cree and language is a key factor in people’s culture. Children were ripped away their culture, their faith and to be themselves. They were forced to be someone who they aren’t. I personally believe that residential schools are truly horrendous and a sense of cruelty. I think that it is morally wrong and that children should never have went through this. What do you guys know about residential schools and what is your opinion about them?

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