Thursday, 20 June 2013

Teen Drivers

The crash on highway 9 yesterday afternoon got me thinking about what society seems to think about teen drivers and new drivers.In the news we hear many stories about teens and young adults getting into serious car accidents. Society then comes to conclusion that the reason so many teens get into accidents is due to inexperience. That is why Ontario introduced graduated licensing meaning that you had to work your way up to your full license. I think this was a very smart idea because then you have at least 2 years of driving experience before you receive your full license. What I also like about these rules are that anyone under the age of 21 has to have zero blood alcohol. This helps avoid serious crashes because mixing a new driver and alcohol could be potentially dangerous. This still leaves us with the question though that even though there is now a graduated licensing why are there still so many crashes? Should we change the licensing system so it takes longer to get your full license or should it stay the same?


  1. In my opinion it is not the age that effects bad is the experience level. It would possibly be beneficial if people had to have their G1 license for a year instead of eight months. By doing this, new drivers would have more time to become 100% comfortable on the road.

  2. I think that it should take longer to get your full liscense and i think that it should be manditory that everyone has to get driving lessons. I think that driving lessons are beneficial because they teach you important lessons on driving that everyone should know. As well as lessons allows people to feel more comfortable when driving and gets them used to it. As well as if it took longer to get your full liscense then it would allow for younger people to have more experiencr driving amd hopefully causing less car accidents