Friday, 14 June 2013

Thoughts on The Kite Runner

  1. I believe that The Kite Runner was  an amazing book. I really enjoyed reading it. In the book I felt bad for Amir because when Hassan was getting raped I know that he really wanted to help but he just could not. Its like when you play tennis and you know that you have to move to get the ball but your feet just cannot move. As well as I feel bad for him because he never had a real relationship with his dad. Since Amir could not be the real man that his dad expected created a distant and unhealthy relationship between him and his dad. I also feel bad for Hassan who knows that his best friend did not stick up for him for the one time he was in need. As well as he hoped that Amir would always come back for him but he never did. There were many surprises in the book such as when Hassan gets rapes, finding out that Baba is also Hassan's father, that Baba dies of cancer, that Hassan's son is still alive and that Assef is the one that Amir has to face to get Hassan's son and that Sohrab tries to kill himself. I am grateful that Amir got a second chance to redeem himself because I really believe that Amir means well and that he needed a second chance to redeem himself and he also needed a second chance to relieve him of his guilt that he carried around ever since his childhood. I am grateful that he opened up to his wife about his childhood and that Amir was able to relieve his guilt. I also really enjoyed the end of the book when Amir says he will run the kite for Sohrab. Although I wish that Amir and Sohrab could have gotten to the place before Sohrab tried to kill himself. I wish that they talked to each other again. What are your opinions of the book?

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