Saturday, 15 June 2013

Evil is innate

This statement in Macbeth that you are born evil is untrue as everyone is made who they are by their life experiences. Your memories and actions shape you as a person, in Macbeth for example, Macbeth was a good loyal soldier who's lust for power caused him to commit horrendous acts that caused his ultimate demise. Macbeth was not evil at the start, so it is only logical to assume that evil is something brought on by your choices later in life. While it is true however that certain people can have a brain mapping that lead to more violent tendencies, that does not prove that that person will be evil. Most evil people do not even think that they are evil, this is because they have most likely been hardened by their choices or have just gone insane, for example the dagger scene. In my opinion you are not born evil, but you are the source of  if you decide to become that kind of person.

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