Friday, 21 June 2013

The End

Here we sit at the end of 3U english, and I think I've learned more this year than in any other year I've done language studies. I think the blogs are an excellent addition to the course, and the ugcloud helps teachers connect with students much easier than before. In this year alone, I feel like I can now write and essay with confidence, analyse and respond to an image with clarity, and write an analytical paragraph on almost any prompt. Mrs. Le has been fantastically helpful. When an assignment is submitted, her comments directly on the page give insight on how to improve for next time. Without her help on the cloud and in class, I wouldn't have made it through the semester. So from all of us who haven't already, thank you for all your help and assistance throughout the year, Mrs. Le. We couldn't have done it without you!

And so with the end of this class we move onto 4U or 4M english. I hope that all the skills I've learned this year will help me throughout next year, and into post-secondary. Thank you!

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