Saturday, 8 June 2013

My opinion of Amir

In my opinion, I think that deep down Amir is a really nice guy he just doesn't know how to express himself in many situations. I've heard many opinions of Amir and I understad both point of views.  Amir is a character who people feel bad for him or just despise him. But for me I sympathize for Amir because I think he just wanted to live up to his dads expectations of being a real man. I think that because Amir didn't have a mother all he wanted was his fathers relationship. I believe that he needed nurturing and love from his father. I also believe that Amir lacked self confidence and  I think that he did not have self confidence because no matter how hard Amir tried he could not live up to his fathers expectations therefore Baba got angry and took it out on Amir making him feel dissapointed in himself that he could not have a great relationship with his father. As well as I feel bad for Amir when he watched his best friend get raped. I feel bad for him because I could tell that he really wanted to say somenthing, he wanted to be the hero for once but his lack of self confidence and fear caused him to not say anything. It is like in tennis when you see the ball and you want to get it but your feet just do not move I feel like that is how Amir felt. He wanted to so bad but just could not move. Then after the Hassan situation he just felt so guilty which shows that he had remorse and I believe that Amir's guilt made him become a worse friend to Hassan. As well as I think Amir redeemed himself by getting Hassons son I think that he finally realized that there was a way to relieve him of all his guilt and dissapointments with himself so that he could be more of a free man. Meaning that he can live without regretting everything he does, he can be more self confident and he can be happy again. Happy that he did the right thing.


  1. I totally agree with you Kelly. Amir definitely lacks self confidence, and all he really wants to do is please BAbe. I like that you connected it to tennis, I feel that perfectly describes how Amir must have been feeling. Great post!

  2. He's a good guy, he's just completely insecure. All you need is love.